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    I&#039ve been developing a site that uses the Response.Redirect command in several locations. A problem that I&#039ve just arose is that the user&#039s session terminates with every Response.Redirect. This has never been an issue before and I can&#039t pinpoint what changed to make this error occur.<BR><BR>I have walked through the code in debug mode with a watch on the session variables. The session variables are nulled right after the response.redirect command is executed. <BR><BR>I&#039ve searched several ASP sites exhaustively with no luck. Does anyone have some insight on this issue?<BR><BR>Jameson

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    I had a problem like this once, it had to do with redirecting to a secure site from one that wasn&#039t secure. My solution was finally to secure the whole site. Not sure if this is the problem you are having but I thought I&#039d share. <BR><BR>Nathan

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