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    To build a high profile, multinational website, which is the best type of database (and why) out of SQL, Access and Filemaker to manage the content?

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    Jane,<BR><BR>if we&#039re talking big enterprise-size databases, SQL wins over Access hands down due to the fact that it&#039s designed for multiple databases, multiple connections (Access is OK until, oh, say 7 people get onto the database at the same time) etc etc.<BR><BR>Have a look at the Access and SQL sites at Microsoft.com for a better comparison. You can use Access (an Office product) for ASP work but you could also cross the Atlantic on a raft.<BR><BR>Franco<BR>lokidude@hotmail.com<BR><BR >

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    In order to use Access, the .mdb file must live on the Web Server. I don&#039t think you&#039ll have much luck with this in a "multinational" environment. The user IUSR_workstationname can&#039t normally access other machines on a network. Use SQL Server and you&#039ll save yourself a lot of frustration.

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