Greetings:<BR><BR>I have the following project and I need some direction with a design.<BR><BR>I have a list of 140 meetings, each meeting is number 1-140. The customer wants to be able to pull this list up, check off the meetings they are interested in, make some comments, then submit it. A database needs to be posted to, that shows the attended (nt authorized login, i have the code for that), meeting number, meeting name, date, time, attending, of interest, comments. The fields the user will be entering are attending, of interest and comments, but I would like all the field values to post to the database. I would like them to be able to go down the list of meetings, make the appropriate entries, submit and it all shows up in a table with all fields listed in a row. Does this make sense? Like:<BR><BR>Attendee No. Meeting Name Date Time Attending <BR>Jack Joe 24 Make widgets 6-10-00 5:00 Yes<BR>Jack Joe 58 Sell widgets 6/11/00 12:00 Yes<BR><BR>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Any examples would be appreciated as well. I would prefer to use SQL but if using Access is easier, I&#039m open for suggestions. Thanks for your thoughts.<BR><BR>Ben