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    I am submitting my form to the same page on the click of image using<BR>&#060;input type="image" src="/assets/images/last10.gif" NAME="list_PagingMove" VALUE="LAST 10"&#062;<BR><BR>I want to capture the value of the image(i.e LAST 10) at the beginning of the form. I could do this with the submit button but not with image. any suggestions???

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    Pat,<BR><BR>As my grandpa used to say when I was your age, have you looked at using an image_click event and querystring? An example, if I may:<BR><BR>Add somethng like this inside the BODY tags of your page.<BR><BR>&#060;IMAGE id=MyFunkyImg src="MyFunkyImg.gif" on_click="return MyFunkyImg_onclick()" value=hello&#062;<BR><BR>Up above, maybe within the header tag, you should add:<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT Language=Javascript&#062;<BR>function MyFunkyImg_onclick() {<BR>window.location.href="thispage.asp?MyImageVal ue=" + MyFunkyImg.value;<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>You can then pick up the value from whichever page you&#039ve sent it to by using this ASP code...<BR><BR>ValueIWant = Request.Querystring("MyImageValue")<BR><BR><BR>Hop e this helps<BR><BR>Franco<BR><BR><BR>

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    &nbsp;<BR>Franco,<BR> I dont want to capture the value from the URL, but need to capture it thru the form. How can i do that?<BR>one more thing, it gives error near the &#060;IMAGE in <BR>&#060;IMAGE id=MyFunkyImg src="MyFunkyImg.gif" on_click="return MyFunkyImg_onclick()" value=hello&#062;<BR>thanks for the reply.<BR><BR>pat.<BR>

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