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    H Hoover Guest

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    I&#039m trying to determine if stored procedures can be used in Access. I know I can do it in SQL, but I&#039m not ready to use SQL for my application just yet... unless I have to... any help on this one would be great<BR><BR>H Hoover <BR><BR>

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    not quite stored procedures, but you can use Access Queries in a similar manner, that is, passing parameters via a command object in ADO. <BR><BR>They are still better than building concatenated SQL statements in your script though, so worth doing.<BR><BR>NO procedural language like T-SQL though, which is why they are limited.<BR><BR>I would be careful to test the SQL behind my Access Queries in SQL Server as well. This way when u do convert, you won&#039t get nasty surprises due to syntax/feature differences.<BR><BR>good luck.

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    No, you cannot run stored procedures in Access.<BR><BR>Unless you are too close to the deadline to learn SQL, or you have budget restraints that won&#039t allow you to upgrade, I would strongly reccommend upgrading now. You will have much better performance running off SQL server. Be aware though that SQL does take a little while to learn fully, especially if you will have to administrate it as well.<BR><BR>Nathan

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