CDONTS(.from) pls help!!!!!!

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Thread: CDONTS(.from) pls help!!!!!!

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    fitse Guest

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    I&#039m using CDONTS to handle e-mail on my form. In the .From, I want to pass the last name, first name of the user who made the form entry (Doe, John). Here is how I&#039m implementing it: <BR> <BR> .From = lname&","&fname where lname and fname are retrieve from the request object. The problem I&#039m having is this only displays the lname. But if I do it this way: .From = lname&fname<BR>it will display DoeJohn. Does anyone know the fix for this. Thanks in advance....<BR>

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    try:<BR><BR>.From = lname & Chr(44) & fname <BR><BR>let me know if that works<BR><BR>Nathan

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    fitse Guest

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    Hey Nathan, it still doesn&#039t work. It just displays the last name. Any other suggestions??? Thanks for the help!!!!!

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