Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m developing a ASP application for an ISP. My client have their NT servers to a remote location and they administer them mainly with Norton PC-Anywhere 8.<BR>One of the features of the application is the usual stats page, where users can access and view their consumption totals; the app displays stats for the current month and the month before, and the users can enter any valid date combination and obtain their stats for the selected period.<BR>It worked just fine for weeks, until I discover, by accident, that the totals were wrong when a PC-Anywhere session was opened on the web server. I found that the date format was affected, and, as a result, the calculations no longer valid.<BR>The Web server hosting my scripts has its regional settings to "French Canadian" (the NT version (4.0 with Option Pack 4), is also in French).<BR>But to obtain best results with VBScript, I&#039ve hardcoded the LCID in all my scripts to manipulate and display dates and number in US English format (LCID 1033) (default French settings just don&#039t work).<BR>The simple fact that PC Anywhere has an open session on the server made my scripts displays date and numbers in French format (1036), despite numerous Session.LCID = 1033 in my scripts.<BR>So I went back to my scripts and changed all the Session.LCID values to 1036.<BR>When I opened a PC Anywhere session on the server, and started my application, all the dates and numbers were displayed... in US English (1033)!<BR>(Sessions opened by other means (sharing, telnet, FTP, etc.) on the web server do not affect the LCID settings at all.)<BR>So an open PC Anywhere session on the server seems to simply reverse the LCID settings in my ASP scripts.<BR>Does anyone have a hint? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to tighten the code so that the LCID settings remains the same no matter what? If not, is there a way ASP can read or obtain the LCID in effect on the server (not simply the registry values) at the start of a session and act upon it to dynamically adjust the format?<BR><BR>Help, please!<BR><BR>Paul Dussault<BR><BR>please send or CC your reply to<BR>paulduss@mediom.qc.ca<BR>