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    I was wondering if you can help me out... I have designed a web application to send and receive e-mail using CDONTS. I am successfull in all except one thing. I want to read the attachments which accompany a e-mail and allow a user to download them. When I access the .eml file for the msg, using outlook express, it shows the file attachments, when i open the .eml in notepad, i can see the attachments inside, but i am unable to provide a hyperlink for the user to download the attachment. Can you let me know what has to be done?<BR> <BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>

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    Hi,<BR> I worked with CDONTS sometime back. That time i could send any sites throu. Hyperlinks....and it was working fine....<BR>U just give file path through anchor tag. I think that will do.<BR>After that, still if u have any problem pl. let me know so that i can help u.<BR><BR>Regrards<BR>S

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    I can&#039t help you , sorry.<BR><BR>But I would need YOUR help...<BR><BR>How did you manage to send multiple attachments?<BR><BR>Alesk

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