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    Christiaan Guest

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    Ok, it&#039s totally insane to even think of a game in ASP, but i&#039m going to try anyways.<BR><BR>My only problem is: how do i create a turn-based game? Should i use sessions, text-files, etc. Just name it :)<BR><BR>Any idea is welcome.

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    Christiaan Guest

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    Sorry for the double entry :)<BR><BR>Clicked on submit twice....

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    Tom Crowe Guest

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    You can use ASP to create a front end and order taking mechanism for a turn based game similar to a PBM game. Store the game state for each player in a database like SQL Server or Access. Write ASP pages to enable the players to view game information and send game orders. Orders would update some type of game orders data structure in the database. You could then write an administrative ASP page(s) that could show you the orders that have been sent and other critical game information. The page would also let you "process" the pending game orders, which would apply any game rules to the orders, update the game state tables for each player accordingly, and flush the order tables to make room for the next run&#039s orders. <BR><BR>Let me know if this helps.

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