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    I am having a horrible time trying to get my inner join and links to work. Here is the scenario. A browser clicks off of one page and the employer id is passed to the more descriptive page that contains everything about that employer. I want to then inner join another table tMajor that has info on what they majored in in college. Any ideas?<BR>Here is what I have so far. Any help would be appreciated.<BR>Thanks.<BR> <BR>- Jason<BR> <BR>sql = "SELECT tCompanyProfile.CompanyName,tMajor.Econ FROM tCompanyProfile INNER JOIN tMajor ON tCompanyProfile.MajorID = tMajor.MajorID WHERE tCompanyProfile.EmployerID = " & Request.Querystring ("EmployerID")

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    Jason<BR><BR>Have you tried swapping the INNER JOIN statement with:<BR><BR>WHERE tCompanyProfile.MajorID = tMajor.MajorID AND tCompanyProfile.EmployerID = " & Request.Querystring ("EmployerID")<BR><BR>hth<BR><BR>Franco

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