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    The ASP Gods have granted me the wisdom to have a user search a database using specific fields and then all the recordsets that match some or all of the fields are returned in on HUGE table. <BR><BR>Believe me this sucker is big and very hard to distinguish between more than on record.<BR><BR>My Question is - Since there is so much data what I would like to do is just display the important facts like "Company Name, City, State" and then the user can click on "Company Name" and that displays the rest of the data by itself - "Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Website" etc.<BR><BR>Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? I feel that I am half way there but now I am at my limits.<BR>

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    In the first go, fetch only the company name, city, state.<BR>Make one of these a hyperlink. On the click of this link, fetch rest of the data from the database.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR><BR>If still you can&#039t figure it out than I can also send you some code on this...<BR>

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