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Thread: writing several tables into a template-tablecell

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    This is the situation:<BR>-I have an asp-file that reads a template, and outputs it to web. (using the filesystemobject to read)<BR>-The template basicly consists of a table with a couple of cells.<BR><BR>What I want to do is: in one cell, display the latest news, that are stored in an Access database. Each of these news should be put into it&#039s own little table, inside of the main template&#039s table-cell.<BR><BR>Till now, this is how it works:<BR>In the template I use a marking (like "%news_goes_here%" for instance) in the cell where I want to insert the news, and in the asp file I use the replace function to place the newstables there.<BR><BR>The news, as I said, are fetched from a database, and I use the same mark & replace "technique" to put this data into a newstable<BR><BR>So the problem I get is that first I must build the newstables, which then goes in the template.<BR>I can get it to write one newstable into the template, but I can&#039t figure out how to build a few newstables before putting them all in the template.<BR>--<BR>I hope I explained the problem/situation good enough for you to understand it, and hopefully help me out. Thanks atleast for reading it through :)<BR><BR>Tito

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    I&#039m sorry, it was in the middle of the night and I was unable to think clear. Now that I have had a few hours rest I managed to see the rather simple solution :)<BR><BR>the include-dude

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