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    hi there <BR><BR>I am having terrible trouble opening and running my ASP pages from an NT4 server running IIS.<BR>The set up is this:<BR><BR>1. I have set up my site as a virtual directory under the default wwwroot/inetpub or whatever it is. The directory is set to execute scripts for anonymous users etc.<BR>2. When I attempt to open the pages remotely ie. by typing //ntserver/ it does not recognise the server.<BR>3.When I open the files across the network however (through the &#039open &#039 option under the file menu, the static html pages open fine. However when I attempt to run the asp scripts, I am taken into Visual Interdev and the page is opened as code. When I try to view this in the browser, the typical &#039download file&#039 dialogue comes up. <BR><BR>I have tried to create a new Visual Interdev project containing these files but it cannot find my Web Server, even when I log on as the administrator.<BR><BR>Basically, I am stumped. I am no NT Administrator but surely it can&#039t be that difficult (but with MS products who knows ?!)<BR><BR>If anyone can help I would be very grateful<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Chris

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    NT server is NOT IIS. Sounds like you need to configure your IIS server.

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    Just a suggustion but it may work. Ok, so reconfigure your IIS. Try this. <BR>Go to Explorer(MSKey+E)<BR>Click View/Options<BR>Select File Types<BR>Its a bit tedious but go through the applications until you you find the extension(in the box below that) .asp and which program is associated with it. If it is Visual InterDev associated with .asp extensions, click edit and reconfigure the the details so that .asp files open in explorer or whatever application you want to run it through.<BR>Hope it helps

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