Hi,<BR><BR>I’m sorry if these questions are boring but…….<BR><BR>….I’ve got 2 pull down menus on a site I’m developing. When you make a selection in the first pull down menu the 2nd pull down menu entries change dynamically, then you select an entry from the 2nd pull down and click go! And you are sent to another page.<BR><BR>Now I want to be able to do a request.form operation and retrieve both selections from the new page. At the moment I can only retrieve the 2nd selection using &#060;% request.form(“Whatever”) %&#062;…..Please help!<BR><BR>I’ve got a similar problem with retrieving values from a URL. I know you can retrieve one value from an address such as: http;//www.something.com/index.asp?Item=Socks by using &#060;%request(“Item”)%&#062;, but how do you retrieve more than one value?<BR><BR>Thanks, your help is very much appreciated.<BR><BR>Keep up the grand work!<BR><BR>All the best,<BR><BR>Mike.<BR>mykey77@hotmail.com<BR>