This is actually a SQL question.

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Thread: This is actually a SQL question.

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    Conrad Smith Guest

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    Yes, I know this isn&#039t a SQL board but I get the best answers here.<BR>I have a stored proceedure that was meant for SQL Server 7.0 but all I have is 6.5. What do I need to do to make it backward compatable with 6.5?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>&#039SessionOnStart.sql <BR>CREATE PROCEDURE SessionOnStart (<BR> @IP varchar(15),<BR> @SessionID varchar(15)<BR>)<BR>AS<BR>Declare @AccessDate as datetime,<BR> @ActiveSessionID as varchar(15)<BR><BR>Select @AccessDate=getdate()<BR>Select @ActiveSessionID=""<BR>Select @ActiveSessionID=Session_ID From WebSiteUsers Where Session_ID=@SessionID And Active =&#039Y&#039<BR>If @ActiveSessionID&#060;&#062;@SessionID<BR>BEGIN<BR > Insert Into WebSiteUsers (IP_Address,DateTime_Accessed,DateTime_Exited,Acti ve,Session_ID,[mi:ss]) <BR> Values (@IP, @AccessDate, @AccessDate, &#039Y&#039, @SessionID,&#0390:0&#039)<BR>END<BR><BR>

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    darin Guest

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    Try opening query analyzer and pasting the script there. Run the script and you should have your stored procedure.

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