VBSCRIPT Browser or OS Proprietary?

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Thread: VBSCRIPT Browser or OS Proprietary?

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    I&#039ve just started learning asp and am running into<BR>problems every time I try to implement a &#060;script language=<BR>vbscript&#062; into a procedure.<BR><BR>Since my asp examples work, and my javascript examples work I&#039m wondering if VBSCRIPT can only be interpreted<BR>by Windows operating systems, or if the problem is browser<BR>related. I tried viewing my simple date example URL:<BR><BR>http://www.nt.dwna.com/begasp/datevbs.htm<BR><BR>using IE 4.01 and the date does not display. I use<BR>Mac OS8 and the server where the document lives is NT.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR>thanks

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    http://www.nt.dwna.com/begasp/datevbs.htm : works for me<BR><BR>can you post your code and we can look at it ?<BR><BR>

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