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    I have been using Persits email sender for about 6 months - works great, first read about it here at 4guys. Subsequent to I LOVE YOU virus problem, our network personnel must have tightened up security, becuae now I get above error message when I list email addresses outside our domain. And SOME remote sites that use the web page wherein the Persits email sender get the error message too.<BR><BR>My question is - do I need to look into getting a different email utility - do you know of one - or is this going to be a problem until I get up the gumption to ask the exchange administrator to enable relaying. Not now! don&#039t think they&#039d go for it.

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    The problem you are referring to is a little weird. Lemme &#039splain:<BR><BR>Your admins decided to disable relaying (duh). But what does that mean? It means that all messages must have a valid FROM field... an address that reside on YOUR network. Disabling relaying is very important. It means your servers won&#039t get blacklisted for being a spam relay... but that cuases problems for your email script. Really, the only way to fix it, is to:<BR><BR>a) Have your server admins allow relays only coming from your servers IP address(es). I think exchange will allow you to do this.. cheaper mail server programs only offer an "all or nothing" approach. Check out this avenue first. It&#039s the best and least expensive solution.<BR><BR>or...<BR><BR>b) Get another mail server that allows relaying and set that as your mailer.Host. This will allow you to keep the differing email addresses in the FROM field. Your admins will need to set up another EMAIL server just for you and block all Ip&#039s except your Web Servers (This allows relaying only from your web server.. which is ok). If you try to locate someone else&#039s insecure server and use that as a relay, you can expect that eventually they will figure it out and disable relaying. Besides, I think it&#039s illegal.. I think..<BR><BR>or...<BR><BR>c) Change all of the FROM fields to be some address on your system. Ask your sysadmins to add "Mailer-deamon@yourdomain.com" or something so you can use it as the send point. The problem with this solution is that your target (TO) will only get messages from "mailer-deamon@.." which makes replying to the message far more difficult ("You mean I have to COPY and PASTE the email address into a new message? UGH!"). You should probably put an autoresponder on that address so if people DO accidentally reply to "mailer-deamon" then they will be politely reminded that they screwed up.<BR><BR>Hope this helps you in some way.<BR>Happy Prog&#039in.

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