I am working on my company&#039s intranet. We want to send email to multiple addresses.<BR><BR>I am reading email addresses from a database based, upon user selections, and placing them in a string variable. I am delimiting each address with a semicolon. I notice that if I have less than 460 characters stored in my string variable I can use ..."mailto:" & strEmailAddresses... and everything works fine. The browser opens Outlook Express with the email addresses inserted into the "TO:" Box. However, I notice that if I exceed 460 characters I get the following error message...<BR><BR>"Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is improperly installed"<BR><BR>I tried this on several machines so I don&#039t think all of the mail clients are improperly installed. I think it might have to do with a max limit for HTTP Headers.<BR><BR>Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated.