Dynamic Database V's Standard HTML?

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Thread: Dynamic Database V's Standard HTML?

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    Neil Campbell Guest

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    What is the benefit of developing an internet site using a dynamic database as opposed to traditional html? I appreciate that updating is easier but the costs seem to far outweigh the benefits! Can anyone give me a pocket overview of "what&#039s in it for me?"

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    You fool!<BR><BR>Don&#039t you know what the Benefits of Database-driven sites are:<BR><BR>Easy to update/edit content<BR><BR>Consistency as pages are delivered via templates<BR><BR>Pages easily added as links are generated dynamically<BR><BR>Testing time reduced dramatically<BR><BR>Future development speedier and considerably less expensive as content and design are separate<BR><BR>Search functions are more sophisticated and customisable<BR><BR>Content may be extrated in many ways ie. sent as email, presented in a page for printing<BR>

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    DavidB Guest

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    When it comes to the cost of using a backend database to dynamically deliver content, there are many things that can be cheaply and efficiently done with a database that would be impossible or at least price prohibitive using plain HTML. Could you even conceive of how a site like Amazon.com or **** would be able to do business without a database to dynamically deliver content? How else would you track and display inventory, keep track of customers, report what items are frequently purchased along with the item you are currently viewing, make other selection recommendations, etc? It would be impossible without a database.<BR><BR>HTML can&#039t do ecommerce alone. Without ecommerce, no one is paying you to build their sites anyway, so you better learn some SQL, and you better like it!

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