hi everyone.<BR> I&#039m preparing an online test which displays one question per page. The answers are displayed in the form of checkboxes. After each question is answered the answeres are to be stored in session object . For right answers the session count has to be incremented.<BR>My problem is the questions are segregated according to type and subtype like we may have a type as html and subtype as frames <BR>similarly we may have a type as asp and subtype as objects etc.<BR>There may be more than one question in each type and subtype . so if the question is right depending on the type and subtype the info is to be stored in dictionary object till the final question.<BR>and finally updated to the database.<BR><BR>would anyone tell me how to do it.<BR>any queries please ask me<BR>I would appreciate ur help<BR>my email is safz@rediffmail.com<BR>thanx<BR>