Tearing down the session???

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Thread: Tearing down the session???

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    Davie G Guest

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    The problem is causing the IIS Service to need a restart and is happenning for no apparent reason. So far it looks random. However it can be traced by these event viewer logs:<BR><BR>In the event viewer I am getting this Event:<BR>Source: MSDTC Category: CM Event: 4156<BR>Details: String message: Session idle timeout over, tearing down the session.<BR><BR>(which seems to trigger the problem. Perhaps there is something basic that needs to be done with managing the session&#039s state?)<BR><BR>followed by several of these Events:<BR>Src: Active Server Pages Cat: None Event: 5<BR>Details: Error: File /milldocs/isodocs/PAPERMILL (GENERAL)/checklists/treedir.asp Unexpected error<BR><BR>Where do I start looking for the cause of this problem?

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    Raoule Duke Guest

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    If you have a MTS object called by checklists/treedir.asp <BR>then I would start there. It&#039s just a hunch but worth a try.<BR>Is the mts object a custom object? If so then I would try to run<BR>it in a debug mode.

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