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    Kaushalya Guest

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    I am new to asp and I want to find out how to modify a dll and make changes and put it back. Could anyone help me please.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Raoule Duke Guest

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    It&#039s used for inheritance in VB.<BR>Implements can be used to make a class implement a <BR>specific interface like so:<BR><BR>public class exampleClass implements InterfaceName<BR>{<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>more info here:<BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/devprods/vs6/visualj/vj98help/vjkeyimplements.htm<BR> <BR>

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    If you&#039ve got a COM object (an Inproc server a.k.a. a dll) then the only way to change it is to get the source code, edit it, recompile the object and hope like all get out you didn&#039t break an interface, or if you did break an interface, you have to unregister the old dll and re-register the new version on your server.<BR><BR>Happy debugging.......

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    Rob Guest

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    you go into your code for your .dll and make the necessary changes. Then before re-making the dll, unregister the previous dll and remove it from the system or copy over it with the modified dll then register the new dll.

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