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Thread: "DISTINCT" SQL Syntax

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    Hi,<BR>I have rows in my access97 db containing ContactID, FirstName, LastName and OrgName.<BR>Only the Contact ID is different for allrows. Why cant I use<BR>SQLContact="SELECT DISTINCT ContactID, FirstName,LastName,OrgName FROM Contact ORDER BY LastName ASC"<BR>I can ddo it if I take out ContactID but I need this because it gets passed to another page when user clicks on hyperlink.<BR>Can anybody see how I can dispaly Distinct rows. Thanks in advance<BR>Angie

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    Angie, is SQLContact a string to be fed into either an open or execute method? I generated a similar situation in one of my Access dbs and had no problem with this syntax. However, if the contactid is different for all rows, you don&#039t need the distinct keyword anyway since the rows are automatically distinct.

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