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    Hi,<BR><BR>Is it possible to use Response.Redirect to a new window.<BR><BR>I have a page which collect information. This page requires login. Since the form will take sometime to fill-up, I am afraid by the time the are about to submit the session expires &#062; 20 minutes.<BR><BR>When they submit, it will redirect to the login page. Upon success, the user will be at the main page. And this will require him filing-up the form again.<BR><BR>thanks

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    use session.Timeout= max val (in minutes)

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    I&#039m not sure why you want to redirect to a new window. I don&#039t see that preventing the session timeout. However, I think you have other options.<BR><BR>A. Break the form up in different sections and put each section on its own page. If you include a Page # of ## on the pages then the user knows how much work is ahead of her or him. This should help maintain the session while the user fills in the form. You could leverage your existing code by including hidden fields on all the subsequent pages (from page 2 on) to carry the values from the previous page(s). This would prevent you from having to handle the input to each page separately and allow you to process all input at the last page.<BR><BR>B. Increase the session timeout on your form by setting the session.timeout at the beginning of your page to a higher value. Which would give the user more time before the session times out.<BR><BR>C. Working under the assumption that you&#039re using a session variable to track the user login. You could create a Unique ID associated in a database (or worse, in a file) with the session variable and include that ID in a hidden field on your form. This creates a stateless page. When the user submits the form the page receiving the data can take the ID and reset the session variable from that.<BR><BR>HTH

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