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    Hi<BR><BR>I&#039m currently using a mixture of Session vars and javascript cookies to keep the state of my web application. I&#039ve hit a problem, whereby when I write cookies using javascript (capturing the onload and onunload events) they &#039sometimes&#039 delete the Session state cookie so I loose all my Session vars.<BR>The cookie size is within the 4K limit. I chose to use cookies to store the majority of the application state so as not to clog up the web server with thread locking as the application must be scalable.<BR><BR>Has anybody else expericened this problem before? What I cannot work out is why it only happens at random times which makes it even harder to fix.<BR><BR>Any help or advice would be much appreciated<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Mike Green<BR>

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    Default RE: Sessions and Javascript cookies<BR><BR><BR><BR>Might give you some ideas.<BR><BR>Also check this page on a regular basis <BR><BR>You&#039ll find that a lot of the questions asked in this messageboard could actually be answered by one of these articles.<BR><BR>Other resources are or or<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>James<BR>

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