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    I have installed IIS5 on W2K Pro for the purpose of developing my web pages at home. However, it won&#039t run any scripts, or ASP pages! With VBScript for example, I just get blanks when submitting a page that includes a date variable (this was using Frontpage 2000). I also have SQL Server 7 installed, as I intend using that as the DB for my pages. As a newcomer to IIS (but not to ASP!), I don&#039t know how to get this thing working! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yesterday I was working on a new install of IIS 5.0 on Win2000 Server and another administrator made a number of configuration changes - suddenly all ASPs stopped executing - Since we had the time and the performance monitor would not allow remote connections (even after we followed the technet article about adding registry permissions) we decided to just blow away everything and start from scratch - I just finished the total reconfig and everything is working - If a total reconfig is out of the question you may try uninstalling IIS 5.0, cleaning up the registry and then reinstalling - you should also know about some of the restrictions on IIS 5.0 running on Win2000 Pro:<BR>- cannot host mulptiple sites on one machine<BR>- cannot log to an ODBC compliant DB<BR>- cannot restrict access by IP address<BR>- cannot isolate processes<BR>

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    Mark West Guest

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    Thanks bart. I went for an uninstall and re-install of both IIS and Office 2000. This seemed to work fine, and all my ASP pages are working in both FP2000 and Homesite (I only use FP if I really HAVE to!).

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