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    rajit Guest

    Default file not found err from Declare st.

    I have a declare statement in my VB COM object which is pointing to an external FORTRAN compiled dll file.<BR><BR>Private Declare Function STMROP lib "cal.dll" (a1 as single, a2 as single) as single<BR><BR>I copied this file "cal.dll" in the same directory as COM obj and also copied it in the root directory where asp is residing. When I had this in PWS, every thing worked fine but when I copied this to IIS server (hosted by vservers), i get an error msg saying "file not found".<BR><BR>Can some body help me....<BR><BR>

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    sampath Guest

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    I suppose this question was posted by you last week and aswered the same.Any try this.<BR>the .dll file which you say is VBCOM object be registered IN IIS server through MTS.Never register the same file twice.Once in com directory and other in IIS.There will be clash and the system registry cannot process the request.

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    rajit Guest

    Default restating the problem.....

    I guess I am not being very clear with my situation. I don&#039t have any problem with my COM object. My COM is being registered perfectly (through Vadmin utility provided by my commercial host) and I am able to instantiate my object without any problem. This COM is also a wrapper class for my other dll&#039s that are compiled in FORTRAN. The only way I can implement the interface for FORTRAN dlls in my VB COM is through a DECLARE statement. This declare statement points to FORTRAN dll. When I do that I get a complain from VB COM saying that it is unable to find the FORTRAN dlls. REMEMBER: the FORTRAN dlls are non-registerable. <BR>Confirmation: the fortran dlls are copied in the same directory as COM. I also maintained a copy of fortran dlls in every possible directory.<BR><BR>can you help me.

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