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    Annie Guest

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    hi,<BR><BR>i am in a big problem.<BR>the results of previous form gave me this result,<BR><BR>46520400, 46120400, 46120400-05, 46120400-06, 46220400, 46220400-05, 46220400-06 <BR>so the string which contains the above is called mstrProdList<BR><BR>now i need to put these in an array and should be able to access each number as arraypr(0). arraypr(1) etc<BR>how do i do this??please help me.<BR><BR>

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    sampath Guest

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    if suppose your are getting from some rsarray (some recordset)<BR>then assign like this into an array<BR><BR>newarray = split(rsarray("fieldname"),",")<BR>then write newarray(0) etc you will get the values.<BR>Hope it works.

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