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    In asp I want to write some thing like this<BR>&#060;p align="center"&#062;Silly Question&#060;/p&#062;<BR><BR>my problem is with the sintax the quotes marks eg "center"<BR>when running in asp script the quote mark show as a start and end of statement eg<BR><BR>strLog = "<BR>&#060;P&#062;&#060;B&#062;" & now & "&#060;/B&#062;<BR><BR>but I want to write is some thing like this so the html is for example centered<BR>strLog = "<BR>&#060;p align="center"&#062;&#060;B&#062;" & now & "&#060;/B&#062;<BR><BR>but when runs Asp thinks that I am ending the statement like this<BR>strLog = "<BR>&#060;p align="<BR><BR>it then errors<BR><BR>so how do I write a asp line that writes the html line but so that if special characters like qutotes are written ok

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    One way is to just not use quotes. It works the same way. Another way is to embed the quotes with quotes <BR>eg.<BR>strlog = "&#060;P ALIGN="""center"""&#062;.....<BR><BR>i think that should work!

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    I think you can also use /" or something like that to show quotes. The problem lies in the fact that "&#039s are used as open and close tags in a text field. Check some of the ASP tutorial sites, here on 4guys or at

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