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    Hello,<BR><BR>My problem is a little long winded but hear goes ...<BR><BR>I am writing an ASP application that needs to support a user adding multiple entries of information. Coming from a VB world I figured that a bound Grid would be sufficient. Therefore I created a grid bound to a datacontrol. When the user clicks on the submit button, I call another ASP to update the database. In the second ASP page I call an MTS business component to update the database. The problem I am having is taking the DataControl from the 1st Page and somehow getting it to the second page. Some people I have talked with suggested I use the session object, that would work except that I am dealing with client level interraction and not the server.<BR><BR>Please, please, please someone suggest a solution.<BR><BR>Kevin Moore<BR>

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    You can try submitting your form to an IFrame or annother window. This leaves your grid the way it is

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    You should NEVER keep ojects in a session object. Beside a databound grid in a web application is not recommended. Be careful about using object over more then one page. Because most web applications pool both objects and connections your databound grid could be reused. Not to mention that a datagrid doesn&#039t work in netscape. <BR><BR>Solution .<BR><BR> Create a form that would emulate a the visual interface of a databound grid. Fill it using ADO. Update the data using ADO retrieving the information sent by the user via the request.form object. This is BASIC web development techniques so any book discussing ASP will give you good examples of this type of interface. <BR><BR><BR>Alain<BR><BR><BR >

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