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    I am trying to authenticate that a given user owns at least one of a list of audio CDs. I know that every CD has a unique identifier (like the ISRC code) that tells the computer which CD it is. Online databases like CDDB use that code to upload track information into CDDB-enabled CD players. I&#039m sure that Beam It! software uses a similar mechanism to verify which CD is in the CD-ROM drive. I am trying to find out how to check the ISRC code in a CD-ROM drive so that people who have purchased particular audio CDs can have access to certain sections of my site. Any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Ed

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    Up on MP3&#039s site, they reference a paper from Rice University which details the exact mechanism of In summary, the track lengths are used to partially identify the disc, then the server challenges the client for data from random sectors on the disc.

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    Michael,<BR><BR>Thanks. I have been doing some homework myself and it appears that the ISRC code is rarely used so what CDDB and do is take some info (like track lengths / # of tracks, etc) and put them through some formula (like multiplying the numbers together) to make a unique identifier. Now I just need to figure out how to use ASP to get that track information.<BR><BR>Ed

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