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    Langdon Guest

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    as of 5am this morning, we started hosting all of our web sites on windows 2000. by 10am, we ran into an "exception ocurred" error on all of our pages. the exception ocurred on:<BR><BR>Set oVar = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")..<BR><BR>w e never had these problems on NT4 with iis4, and we are pretty sure the problem is with a limited # of connections able to be opened. (there&#039s still some sloppy code that doesnt clean up connection objects)<BR><BR>... is there some limit set within odbc on windows 2000, or iis on windows 2000 that we can raise to avoid this problem?<BR><BR>any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks.

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    kalyancp Guest

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    i too had some sort of problems when installing some of the backoffice componets on win 2000<BR>then i removed it started using nt 4.0<BR>i think it has some bugs<BR>thank you<BR>kalyancp<BR>

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