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    kate Guest

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    Hi all,<BR><BR>Can anyone advise where I could find out how to create dynamic menus in asp - where the second list&#039s values depend on the value chosen in the first list.<BR><BR>Please help <BR>Kate<BR><BR>

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    sreeni Guest

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    hi kate,<BR><BR>you can do dynamic dropdown menus in ASP by using DHTML,JAVASCRIPT and CSS.You got to use &#060;DIV&#062;&#060;/DIV&#062; tags extensively.(&#039cause you can hide and show menus only with &#060;div&#062; tags.The code will be a bit large.If u are interested, i can send the code for the menus i did.<BR><BR>bye <BR><BR>sreeni<BR><BR>sreenyvas@hotmail.com

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    Thanx Guest

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    Hi Sreeni,<BR><BR>Thanks for your reply.<BR>I did manage to get my hands on javascript code that created the menus. They menus worked fine, but for some reason I could not get the form to submit, even though I specified the form action , method and name. So I am quite frustrated. Could I send you my code to look at - or alternatively - yes it would be great if you could email your code to me .<BR><BR>Thanks again for your help,<BR>Kate<BR>c_og@hotmail.com<BR>

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