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    What is the asp code needed so that after a user fills in a form on the web, the fields filled in will be e-mailed to us using our mailserver?<BR><BR>

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    Here&#039s an example using the ADISCON SimpleMail component. You can download this for free at http://www.adiscon.de/main.asp.<BR><BR>set o = Server.CreateObject("ADISCON.SimpleMail.1") &#039 create mailer!<BR><BR> o.MailServer = ""<BR> o.Sender = "Test@Test.com"<BR> o.Recipient = "SomeOne@SomeCompany.Com"<BR> o.Subject = "My first SimpleMail mail"<BR> o.MessageText = "Line 1" + Chr(13) + Chr(10) + "Line 2"<BR> &#039 of course, this could also be somethig like this:<BR> &#039 o.MessageText = Request("strMessage")<BR><BR> call o.Send<BR><BR> set o = Nothing<BR>

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