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    There are seven sources of information ranging from Access tables, to Excel Spreadsheets to MS Outlook s&#039 Calender all storing data on the same topic. I want to place this on the web and enable me and others to run queries on all this data. Firstly , how do I consolidate all this data together without creating a new DB(or can I pull from more than one source at a time) and secondly is ASP the answer to my web problem?<BR>Thank a million!<BR>Laura

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    Yep I think ASP is the right weapon for this. Mainly because ADO will let you get to all (most) of these different data sources. <BR><BR>You&#039ll need a separate provider and connection for each data source though, which may be performance problems. You&#039ll also need some common identifier to group like information I expect.<BR><BR>If it were me, I would seriously think about consolidating into a single database first.

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