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    Jean Withers Guest

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    I want to pick up fields from Cards table AND Nodes table. They are joined by the NodeID field. I want to print out the Node Name followed by the Card Type (&other info from Card table), for each record in the Card table<BR><BR>I&#039m using <BR>SQLstmt = "SELECT CardType,Name FROM ((Cards INNER JOIN Nodes) on (Cards.NodeID)=(Nodes.NodeID)) WHERE (Cards.NodeID)=(Nodes.NodeID)"<BR><BR>& I&#039m getting "Syntax error in FROM clause"<BR><BR>What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Jean Withers

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    kalyancp Guest

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    try this <BR><BR>select nodes.name,cards.cardtype from cards<BR>inner join name <BR>where nodes.node_id=cards.node_id<BR><BR>that shoud work<BR>kalyancp<BR><BR>

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