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    hi i am validating a form where i have a prob in validation of password.<BR>i have set of users and their passwds in the database.<BR>now when i log on , it accepts irrespective of passwords/login name.<BR>like if user/passwd is pari/pari1x<BR>then it acceptsPaRi/pAri1X or any combination<BR>how do i solve this????<BR>please help<BR>Thnx in advance<BR>pari

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    like if user/passwd is pari/pari1x<BR>then it accepts PaRi/pAri1X or any combination<BR><BR>************<BR><BR>That&#039s a "feature" of Access...it does case insensitive comparisons by default.<BR><BR>There&#039s a way to turn it off (but I don&#039t recall what it is), however I believe it affects an entire DB, which may not be desirable. A reasonable workaround is to use SQL to run the prelminary check and then a tiny bit of VBScript to double check that the case matches.<BR><BR>Set RS = conn.execute("SELECT uid,pwd FROM table WHERE uid=bob AND pwd=78arx9")<BR>If RS("uid") &#060;&#062; "bob" OR RS("pwd") &#060;&#062; "78arx9" Then<BR> ...case didn&#039t match so blow them out of water ...<BR>Else<BR> ... true match, let them go ...<BR>End If<BR><BR>

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