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    RE: how to show a img in NS from SQL7 (From the Advanced ASP Forum)<BR>hi<BR>well i guess i heard that vbscript doesnt run on netscape so maybe thats why its not running on netscape .<BR>well i am in a stage that i cannot retrieve it in IE itself .<BR>even i am passing a parameter thru querystring and checking for its validity in the database built in sql7 via stored procedure .<BR>now i want to retrieve the image according to that id that i pass thru the procedure.<BR>in my database i have a coloumn where i give the name of the images with datatype image. pls tell me what procedure should i write .i am using command object with sessions in asp pls if u could tell me code. asp code :- <BR><BR>set myparam =cmd2.createparameter("itempicurefile",adbinary,ad paramoutput,16,itempicturefile)<BR>cmd2.parameters .append myparam<BR>response.binarywrite cmd2("itempicturefile")<BR>cmd2.execute<BR>&#060;i mg src="./images/&#060;%=rsproduct ("itempicturefile")%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>(where itempicturefile is coloumn in a database )<BR>thanks in advance<BR>i&#039ll appriceate if u can send me the full guidelines .<BR>jitin(<BR><BR>

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    Firstly there is a spelling mistake:-<BR>("itempicurefile",<BR><BR>Also check that the stored procedure is working correctly.<BR><BR>Check that when you print this out it is a valid address<BR>src="./images/&#060;%=rsproduct("itempicturefile")%&#062;"&#062; <BR><BR>Another point, you are absolutely correct in saying that VBScript doesn&#039t work in Netscape but only with client side scripting. ASP is server side scripting and this has no effect on the client.<BR><BR>Also why do you need to make a reference to the path and filename of an image when you are storing the image in a table. <BR>&#060;img src="./images/&#060;%=rsproduct ("itempicturefile")%&#062;"&#062;<BR>With this code you are saying that the image sits on the server at this address in the root of your site, where in actual fact you are storing it a database.<BR>

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