RESUME<BR><BR>P.PRAVEEN KUMAR<BR># 33 V.G.P PONNAGAR,<BR>SEMBAKKAM,<BR>TAMBARAM,<BR>CHENNAI - 600 073 <BR>TAMIL NADU <BR>INDIA <BR>Ph (Res) : +91 044 239 3619<BR>Email Id :<BR><BR>Educational Qualification : B.B.A<BR><BR>University / College : Annamalai University<BR><BR>Computer Education<BR><BR>Diploma : H.D.I.S.M<BR><BR>Institution : Aptech Computer Education<BR> <BR>Diploma : Dip. In R.D.B.M.S<BR><BR>Institution : S.S.I.L<BR><BR>Diploma : Dip. In Internet Programming<BR><BR>Institution : S.T.G Ltd.<BR><BR>Skill Set <BR><BR>NT Administration : Installation of NT SERVER PACK 4.0 and <BR> web servers<BR> INTERNET AND INTRANET CONNECTIVITY in local and remote systems using MS IIS 4.0 and services <BR> : Networking Nt domain with ms-windows nodes <BR><BR>Software<BR><BR>Internet script & tools : Asp 2.0,VBScript,JavaScript <BR> html,jdk1.1,VJ++, <BR> Symantec Pcanywhere 9.0<BR>WEB Servers : IIS 4.0<BR>Front-end Tools : Dev 2000, V.B 5.0, Power Builder<BR><BR>Back-end Tools : Oracle 7.0 , Sybase, Ms Access<BR><BR>Other Internet Tools : Visual Interdev, Macromedia(Dream Weaver2.0,Flash 3.0,Director 6.0 ), Netscape Composer4.5, Ulead Suitcase for 3d titling, Gif animation for saving images in compact size etc, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and plug-ins for image editing, paintshop for <BR> scanning images.Winftp,cuteftp file Transports<BR><BR>Internet Browser : Netscape Communicator 4.61 , <BR> Internet Explorer 5.0<BR> <BR>O/S : Win NT 4.0/98/95 , Dos 6.11, Sco-Unix <BR><BR>Others : Turbo &#039C&#039, FoxPro 2.6,Ms Office 2000<BR><BR>Hardware : Assembling / Maintaining systems <BR> Trouble Shooting System Errors / Installation of servers/ intranet/ Internet/software /hardware<BR><BR>Field of Interest : Web Designing /Web Programming <BR><BR>Years of Experience : 5 Years<BR><BR>Work Experience : 1.5 year(Sep93-Apr&#039 95) for R.D.S , Elite <BR> System as Programmer in &#039C&#039 , FoxPro <BR> 3.5 year(May&#039 95-Dec&#039 98) for Eudecon <BR> systems as Programmer System as Programmer in Oracle7.1,forms 4.5,VB5.0, FoxPro 2.6,1+year(Apr&#039 99 uptodate) as a Web <BR> Programmer/Designer<BR> for Firstar Communications . <BR><BR><BR><BR>SOME OF THE WEB/ECOM PROJECT along with log reports in ASP<BR><BR><BR>Title : / <BR><BR><BR>Tools Used : Asp2.0,MS-Access,Macromedia Dreamweaver2.0, <BR> JavaScript, AdobePhotoshop5.5, <BR>Description : One of our major site containing more than<BR> 100 pages is designed for Funskool Toys, a <BR> leading toy company.It features with products, search engine,dealer list , and contact pages. The search engine is programmed using Asp 2.0 for selecting toys according to the age and gender wise. The database used is MsAccess<BR><BR> Best viewed in Browser Netsape 4.6<BR><BR>Title / Url : (Edition 2)<BR>Tools Used : Macromedia DreamWeaver 2.0, <BR> Nescape Composer4.5,Photoshop 5.0,<BR>Description : Site developed for a publishing Company<BR><BR>Title /url :<BR><BR>Tools Used : Macromedia DreamWeaver 2.0, <BR> Photoshop 5.0,<BR>Description : Site developed for our company Firstar <BR> Communications <BR> <BR>Title/url :<BR><BR><BR>Tools Used : Nescape Composer4.5,Photoshop 5.0,<BR> Ulead Gif Animator<BR>Description : A site developed for a tools <BR> Manufacturing company<BR> <BR>Title/Url : <BR><BR><BR>Tools Used Dream Weaver 2.0 using time line<BR> animation, Photo Shop 5.0, <BR> <BR>Description : Site Developed for a leading real estate <BR> publishing company. The home page is<BR> designed with Macromedia Dream weaver <BR> Timeline for the animation of the link buttons.<BR><BR><BR>Title / Url :<BR><BR><BR>Tools Used : Macromedia DreamWeaver 2.0, Photoshop 5.0, <BR>Description : Site developed for a publishing company <BR><BR>Title/url :<BR><BR><BR>Tools Used : Designed with Netscape Composer, Dreamweaver,Photoshop5.0<BR>Description : <BR> <BR>Title :<BR><BR><BR>Tools Used : Netscape Composer, photoshop 5.0<BR><BR>Description : Designed for a freight company in <BR><BR>Title/Url :<BR><BR><BR>ToolsUsed : Netscape Composer 4.5,Photo Shop5.0 <BR><BR>Description : Site developed for a hospital<BR> <BR>Ongoing Project : www <BR> And many more...<BR><BR>Personal Details :<BR><BR>Name : P. Praveen Kumar<BR><BR>Permanent Address : # 33 V.G.P Ponnagar<BR> Sembakkam<BR> Tambaram<BR> Chennai <BR> India - 600 073<BR><BR>Email - id : <BR> <BR>Res Phone : 0091 044 239 3619<BR><BR>Father&#039s Name : V.Purusothaman<BR><BR>D.O.B : 22/07/72<BR><BR><BR>Sex : Male<BR><BR><BR>Educational Qualification : B.B.A<BR><BR><BR>Pass Port No : A 3641213<BR><BR>Expiry on : 21/3/2007<BR><BR>Nationality : Indian<BR><BR>Field of Interest : Web designer/Web Programmer<BR><BR>Years of Experience : 5+ years in IT field<BR><BR>Marital Status : Bachelor <BR> <BR><BR>Yours Faithfully<BR><BR>Date: <BR>Place: Chennai (P.PRAVEEN KUMAR)<BR><BR><BR>