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    Isabelle Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>can you create a search engine in ASP that finds words on the pages and searches words in all the databases connected to the website?(1 category, 1 click) <BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Isabelle

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    Arif Virk Guest

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    Try using Microsoft Site Server 3.0.<BR>Create your own catalog. <BR>See the examples in it.

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    Index Server is loaded with IIS4.0, typically. In the start menu you can find a link to ASP and query pages for the index server catalogs. you can control which directories are cataloged in IIS manager by clicking each virtual directories properties and adding or removing the content index checkbox

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    Becca Guest

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    When u think of search it can be done using Microsoft Index Server or using SiteServer.Searches in Site server can be done across Catalogs,Databases,Languages,Exchange Servers etc.The following links provide some information about Search <BR><BR>Siteserver<BR>----------<BR><BR><BR>Indexserver<BR>-----------<BR><BR><BR>More articles on Siteserver are at <BR><BR><BR>Hope this links<BR><BR>Becca<BR>

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