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    I have an ASP project that runs great in IE 5. I am using server side vbscript exclusively. When I try to run the page in Netscape 4 my submit and reset button are on top of each other. When I submit I get the error that the document conains no data, but it does not seem to even attempt to fire the response object.<BR><BR>Also is there any reason I would have to supply a username and password to an Access mdb file. I am using a non DNS connection and all is ok in IE, but Netscape cannot handle this.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I&#039ve had any number of odd problems with Netscape, including the "contains no data" so I feel your pain.<BR><BR>I&#039ve had that error happen (inconsistently) when I&#039ve not closed objects and set them to nothing (e.g. rs.Close, Set rs = Nothing) at the end of the script. It&#039s also happened occasionally when I get errors (but the errors will usually display in IE so I know they exist). <BR><BR>Hope this helps

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