I have an ASP application working that takes input from a client and uses it with our product to generate a bitmap image on-the-fly. After pitching the proper command to our engine, the file gets made, but when it&#039s time to actually spit that image back to the client I get the occasional red-X image indicating the file requested wasn&#039t available; artificial delays seem to solve the problem most of the time, indicating it&#039s an issue between our engine saying the file is made and the OS actually showing the file as available. The obvious solution is to set up a FSO and test for the existence of the file in question, like so:<BR><BR> xc = 0<BR> Set fso = Server.CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR> Do<BR> waitimage = fso.FileExists (Session("preview"))<BR> xc = xc + 1<BR> Loop Until (waitimage = True) Or (xc = 25)<BR> Set fso = Nothing<BR><BR>It looks like it works, but I still get the red-X image about half the time; if I refresh my browser window (and agree to repost my data), the image in question appears without a hitch.<BR><BR>After this loop, I set up a debug variable to show one value ("worked") if waitimage is True and another value ("&#062;OVER") if xc is 25; this value gets put prominently in the page&#039s title; I always get "&#062;OVER" shown in the page title, indicating my loop sequence isn&#039t working.<BR><BR>Is there anything wrong with my code, or is this a known issue with ASP? Note that I&#039m running my application under Windows 2000, but I&#039m not performing any Win2K-specific ASP functions.<BR><BR>Thanks ahead of time for anyone&#039s insight/expertise!<BR><BR>