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    Joseph Hatcher Guest

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    I have a frames page and when I do a Response.Redirect I want the page I redirect to be on top (not in a frame) With a normal link you would do &#060;a href="http:whatever" target="_top"&#062;&#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>Can this be done with Response.Redirect?<BR>If not does anyone know of a workaraound? <BR><BR>Such as maybe calling a page that "onload" then calls the page you really want with target="_top"????????<BR><BR>Any suggestions or solutions would be great. <BR><BR><BR>Thanks

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    once you redirect to the page, you can use the onLoad event handler to reload without the frames<BR><BR>I saw a &#039break out of other site&#039s frames&#039 article somewhere on another site i think

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    Joseph Hatcher Guest

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    I tried this it creates a continuous loop. If onload you reload it just keeps reloading. If you could please provide more of a concrete example I would appreciate it.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks

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