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    VIJAY Sharma Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am receiving an ACCESS Jet Error Message 80004005<BR><BR>Jet Engine cannot open the database "c:homelp.mdb", This database might already be opened or you need permission to view its data"<BR><BR>Now this database works fine with PWS but i don&#039t know what&#039s wrong when uploaded on the site.<BR><BR>please help

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    Karl Guest

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    I used to run into problems like that a lot at work...they seemed to be server side...we didn&#039t have proper permissions set to write to the database or something..the server-admin took care of it, I couldn&#039t tell you what he/she did though...<BR><BR>all that to say you might want to check that you have proper permission settings.<BR><BR>--<BR>Karl

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