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    Hi again,<BR><BR>Do you know if there is a way to dowload and display an image, then modify it on the fly (with a component ? a java applet ?), and then upload the modified image on the server.<BR>(a stupid or too complex idea???)<BR><BR>Thanks again for your help!!!

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    A complex idea. You&#039ll need some hard working code for editing the image. It&#039s been a while since I toyed with Java, but I reckon you&#039ll be hard-pressed to do image editing in Java without a lot of grief. If you know you&#039re on an IE/Windows warpath, check out paintlib (search for it on Yahoo) or LeadTools (, and make an ActiveX component that does the image editing you need using existing graphics technology. Use a component like SA-XFile from Software Artisans ( to move the file down to the user and back. Just bring the file down to a friendly local location, edit it there, then post it from there.

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    &nbsp;<BR>So you want to do the image editing on the client? That is, from the browser or from a plugin to the browser?<BR><BR>I don&#039t think you&#039ll find any way to do that cross-browser except via Java applet(s). And, indeed, you could do it via Java, though it probably involves some moderately complex coding. On the other hand, maybe you can do a search on the various Java sites and find a Java applet/component that will do this for you.<BR><BR>The more I think about it, I really don&#039t see any other viable way to do this. Oh, you could probably create an ActiveX component to do it (or maybe even find one somewhere or maybe even simply "script" one of the paint programs, depending on how you want to modify the image), but then the user has to download the ActiveX component (and you have all the usual "permissions" problems) and it will only work with MSIE on Win32 and and and.<BR><BR>What kind of modifications do you wish to make? If they are well understood and limited (e.g., add a text overlay to an existing image), you might instead do this on the server. <BR><BR>Go to and search for components that can do this. I saw "ASPPaint" and "Graphics Server" and "ImageGoo" and maybe a couple of others.<BR><BR>You might even ask this question in the "ASP Componenents" forum on this site instead of/in addition to here.<BR><BR><BR>

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