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    Since previous posts, I&#039ve realized part of my problem is that ie 5 reloads only the HTML created by the ASP on a back button event - not the asp itself - keeping asp scripts on the page from running. Is there a reason it is doing this and a way of preventing it? As previously stated, I&#039ve used every variation of the non-cacheing methodology to absolutely no success.<BR><BR>Help greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, <BR>this behaviour is because IE does not requery the page from server, but rather uses the locally saved page from the cache. Try one or all of the following steps:<BR>1. Go in IE to Tools -&#062; Internet Options and in the settings of the Temporary Internet Files set the Check for newer versions to Every visit of the page. (especially for intranet ...)<BR>1a. For development set the settings (Space) to 1 MB (this is the minimum) and keep the above mentioned setting at "Every visit to the page"<BR>2. In Your asp page set Response.Expires explicitly<BR>3. Offer a "Back" - Link in the resp pages which links to the page before (not JavaScript:history.back() !!).<BR>4. Set the META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" to CONTENT="no-cache" in the resp pages.<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR>Best Regards<BR>Henning

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    I kind of like the fact that the browser does not hit the server to implement Back. It makes this message board snappy. MSDN somehow has accomplished what you desire with their search engine, and I think it&#039s lame. Even if their search engine were fast, and it&#039s not, I disagree with the whole notion.<BR><BR>If your problem is that you don&#039t want users to go back and then hit submit on a form again, you should consider a system which disallows executing the same transaction twice. If you&#039re interested read on.<BR><BR>Generate a unique transaction ID and put it in the form of the "back" page, and then have the "forward" (submitted-to) page make sure it has not already processed a transaction with this number. You can accomplish this with a session variable or a database table, and have the page that processes transactions increment the number. If this processing page ever sees a number before the current one, it knows it&#039s a stale, already-processed form.

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