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Thread: ASP Programmer looking for a change in job

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    Sebin Roy Guest

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    I am an ASP programmer with work experience of almost 1 year and having programming skills languages like VBScript, JavaScript, VB, C++ with backends as SQL Server 7.0 and Access and technology COM. I you are having an opening in your firm for a guy with the above mentioned skills, do reply for this message with your e-mail ID so that we can have further discussion.

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    J. Bray Guest

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    Dear Sebin:<BR>I direct a Media & Learning Resource Centre at a private college in Switzerland (located in the beautiful Swiss Alps - 2 hrs from Milano, Italy). We are in need of a programmer with your background. Would you be interested in an overseas assignment for 1-2 years? If so, contact me at Please tell me your age, and nationality and marital status. <BR>Regards,<BR>Joseph Bray

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    Bruce Jones Guest

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    Seattle area? Please contact Bruce or Mishelle at 1.800.698.0853

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    Bruce Jones Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>We have current openings for 6 Web Developers in the Seattle area who have<BR>2 + years experience of ASP, HTML, SQL,VB (or CC++) including Windows NT, IIS. Security implementation a plus. Demonstrate experience developing web sites using the latest technology. Example, DHTML, XML, VBScript, and JavaScript. Microsoft Site Server experience preferred.<BR><BR>Contact or send your resume to: , or call 1.800.698.0853<BR><BR>The Meridian Technology Group is an IT Consulting company<BR> that specializes in the major RDBMS (and related tools<BR>and business applications). We hire the best technical people available and<BR>strategically place them in key roles on our clients’ projects.<BR><BR>Meridian prides itself on its progressive approach to its clients and its<BR>employees. We are totally dedicated to our clients’ success, and place a<BR>great importance on our employees. Meridian employs its people for the<BR>long-term. We help our people build their careers - at Meridian. We hire<BR>only full-time employees, compensate them extremely well and <BR>fully pay some of the best benefits in the industry.<BR><BR>We’re pretty proud of the fact that we were recently ranked 124th in Inc.<BR>Magazine’s Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America. We are growing rapidly and are searching for senior-level IT Professionals, who are interested in growing technically and being part of our continued growth.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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