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    Server object error &#039ASP 0177 : 8007000e&#039<BR>Server.CreateObject Failed<BR>//global.asa, line 77<BR>Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.<BR><BR>both the app and web server in production environment, which uses very tight security.<BR>Could any one has faced this problem and have a solution. please help.<BR>Thanks<BR>Florentina<BR>

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    Just check whether your application is using any file.Check the permission of that file.If it is using any files such as ini file it is better to keep that in root directory.This happens only when u don&#039t have proper right on file

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    I too am getting this error and everywhere I go for an answer I find guess upon on guess that make no logical sense, does ANYONE HAVE A REAL ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM????!!?!?!?

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