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    Did anyone ever figure this out?<BR><BR>just curious..<BR><BR>thanks in advance..<BR><BR>********************<BR><BR>I am trying to link to UPS to determine shipping charges live. Their specifications on doing this use Perl as the scripting language to show how to send the request to their CGI processing script, but they don&#039t have any example of how to retrieve the info from the resulting page. I have converted the request into a simple http get request, but still need a way to pull the resulting 1 line of text back into my script. Have considered opening the request in a new named window the somehow reading the text, but haven&#039t figured out a way. The get method posts the following url:<BR><BR> ction=3&13_product=GND&14_origCountry=US&22_destCo untry=US&23_weight=1&47_rate_chart=Regular+Daily+P ickup&48_container=00&49_residential=1&15_origPost al=32571&19_destPostal=32505<BR><BR>and the resulting page is:<BR><BR>UPSOnLine3%GNDRES%32571%US%32505%US%002 %1%3.93%0.00%3.93%-1%<BR><BR>The next to last set of % signs is the value I am trying to receive. i.e. %3.93%<BR><BR>**********************

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    Quick fix:<BR><BR>If var u need is always "the next to last" and str returned from UPS always closed with "%", u could do something like this <BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>dim ups<BR>ups="UPSOnLine3%GNDRES%32571%US%32505%US%00 2%1%3.93%0.00%3.93%-1%"<BR>mystr=split(ups,"%")<BR>response.write mystr(ubound(mystr)-2) & "<BR>"<BR>%&#062; <BR><BR>jw<BR><BR>

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