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    Hi,<BR> Disconnected Recordsets are not working with my RemoteScripting Server(asp page using vbscript to acess database ) and the code goes like this: <BR>Function giveDescription<BR> conn.Open("DSN=RScript;UID=sa;PW=;")<BR> Set recSet.ActiveConnection = conn<BR> recSet.CursorLocation =adUseClient &#039If I dont use<BR> &#039this Everything is fine<BR> recSet.Open(strSql)<BR> Set recSet.ActiveConnection = nothing<BR> giveDescription = recSet("PlaceDescription")<BR> recSet.Close()<BR>End Function<BR><BR><BR> If Any one encountered this problem please let me know the solution.<BR><BR>Thanks & Regards,<BR>vamsi.

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    adUseClient requires that the client browser supports a client side cursor. I have had problems with this in the past...<BR><BR>don&#039t forget to kill the objects that you have declared at the beginning of the function...

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